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Ten Ways Members Source Ideas

Get Advice
Present an initiative to the group for feedback. Discuss topics in group meetings. Call up another member.

Get New Ideas
Use fresh perspectives from your peers to improve marketing outcomes.

Save Time and Money
Avoid mistakes by learning what others have done.

Understand Change
Explore anticipated disruptions and best practices for coping.

Test Current Thinking
Find out how the rest of the world is thinking and explore differences.

See What’s Ahead
Predict and debate tomorrow’s trends and emerging market forces. Learn how your peers are preparing.

Fill in the Gaps
Seek recommendations from other members on outside resources.

Anticipate the Competition
Apply methodologies and practices outside your industry to leapfrog competition in your own.

Validate Strategies
Let other members critique current initiatives.

Survey the Landscape
Compare your management practices to those of other leaders’ and find ways to improve.