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Your critical challenges. Your agenda. Your decisions. Made easier.

The list below is a sample of what is covered.

Leadership & Cultural Change 

  •     Leadership to drive change and strategic discipline across the corporation
  •     Managing across disparate geographies using virtual teams
  •     Evolving cultures from a product to customer focus
  •     Building marketing as the perceived “growth” engine of the corporation
  •     Harnessing focused and disciplined innovation
  •     Evangelizing marketing across the C-suite

Marketing/Brand Value

  •     Making the case for brand "investment" vs. expense despite quarterly earnings pressures
  •     Improving the customer experience across media & sales channels
  •     Branding in the time of the "customer conversation"
  •     Revenue driving rebranding due to organizational change or acquisitions
  •     Optimal budget allocation strategies

Technology, Organization & Process

  •     Increasing cross business sales in an organization of product “silos”
  •     Speeding processes (customer feedback, product development) for greater sales impact
  •     Automating customer knowledge across the web and social media programs
  •     Optimal global/regional alignment
  •     Tightened sales/marketing alignment and customer-focused planning

Customer Data, Analytics & Relationship

  •     Increasing customer lifetime value
  •     Building customer "listening" strategies amidst great technological change
  •     Making customer insights actionable over disparate sources and time periods
  •     Hidden sources for customer insights in the selling/delivery/servicing process
  •     Where and when to automate

Marketing Communications

  •     Social media and creating "evangelists" out of customers
  •     Digital media to enhance customer relations and hone corporate thought leadership
  •     Leveraging the agency relationship and managing media bias
  •     Harmonizing physical and digital assets
  •     Allocation for “testing” vs. “tried and true” to leverage change

Product Management & Launch

  •     Circumventing technical/engineering bias in the product development process
  •     Objective measures for customer needs and satisfaction
  •     Creating product differentiation without attribute or pricing advantage

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