The Leaders Council
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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them.

-- Albert Einstein
The Leaders Council lets me tap into a broad spectrum
of sound thinking over time and as I need it.

-- Pam Kaplan, Vice President Market Management,
Global Sales & Distribution, IBM
The Leaders Council has created a think tank
where I can be both an advisor and a client.

-- Sandra Zoratti, Vice President,
Global Solutions Marketing, Ricoh
I make a point of carving out
time for the meetings
because of the value of
engaging with other leaders
and hearing their views.

-- Christina Pretto
Senior Vice President,
Corporate Communications,
When you’re leading a large marketing
organization, you need to see outside
your company and industry. The Leaders
Council lets me compare notes about
what’s ahead.

-- Ramon Soto,
Vice President, Marketing,
Strategy & Communications,
Regional and B2B Marketing,
Given the complexities of driving growth strategies, I truly
value the debate and ideas shared at The Leaders Council.

-- Chris Clarke
Vice President, Marketing Programs,
SAP Global Marketing